Photography Assisting & Workshops

Here are some workshop ideas to help you advance your skills in the world of photography. We can schedule an amount of time that works for you. Any of these can be combined or modified to your requirements. 

These workshops are based in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

Photography Basics
-- We'll cover the basics of digital photography from camera types to lens choices. In addition, we'll take some time to understand the technical and creative concepts while taking you through the camera modes. Schedule any amount of time and locations. (1-3 participants) 


Action Photography -- Let's sit down and cover what techniques and equipment will give you the best results. In addition, I'll accompany you to your favorite athlete's competition to help you capture the best action images possible. Use your own camera or test drive some of my equipment. I've covered everything from Little League to professional sports. Let me help you achieve a new level of success with your action photography. (Ideal for one or two participants) 


Portrait Workshop -- This workshop is destined to become our most popular workshop. Again, you can choose to work with sessions spanning 2-4 hours, or schedule a full day. As with other workshops, these sessions are custom-made to fit your needs. We'll go to the location(s) of your choice. Spend the first part of the session working with camera basics and bring your 'model' in for the rest of the session. I'll bring extra equipment, lighting and expertise while you bring your desire to make great portraits. This works great for someone wanting the satisfaction of getting professional results while filling a need for senior pictures, engagements or other portrait needs. The best part, you OWN the images when your done, because you are the photographer. Click HERE for a few samples of portraits done by an amateur photographer with my assistance. Some are even done with a point-and-shoot camera. (1-3 participants). 


Photo Consulting -- Ad agencies, special event photographers and anyone else needing assistance to get professional results for clients can count on me to help things get done right and on time. I've done photography and lighting everywhere from mines and caves to board rooms and sports arenas. 

Click HERE to see some of my photography in magazines.

Thanks for looking. Contact me about scheduling times, locations and rates.

Richard Carlson